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Goals of El-Ber Islamic School

"And I (Allah) create not the Jinn and mankind except that they should worship Me(Alone)"
[Surah Adh-Dhariyat 56]

El-Ber Islamic School seeks to provide its students with education and development under the shade of the Qur'an and authentic Sunnah of the Prophet Mohamed (s.a.w.).

El-Ber Islamic School seeks to be a vehicle for its students providing them with beneficial knowledge, developing their character, and equipping them with skills that will enable them to be leaders of our communities and others, InSha'Allah. To accomplish this goal the school will,InSha'Allah, provide the best curriculum (NEW YORK STATE ADVANCED CURRICULUM) along with the best teachers for the students.

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Our site gives you important information regarding the Registration Process, School Schedule, Dress Code, our Policies etc. We also have sections about ourTeachers and Students.

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